Strawberry Gallery
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1149 Main Street Acushnet, MA
508 -763 -2622
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Signs along Main Street in Acushnet show the way.
Lots of Parking near the fields
Main Entrance
Strawberry fields change their locations each year, but you will find it easy to follow the signs. Plenty of convenient parking is available for you.
Follow the  BERRIES!
We close the fields at 4 pm.
Strawberry fields do change from year to year. We clearly mark the parking areas and the strawberry stand where you can buy pre-picked containers or obtain containers for your picking.
Strawberry Stands of the past
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Strawberry stand
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Picking strawberries
During the season, we open the strawberry fields at 10AM. This gives time for the strawberries to dry.
Drive Safely!
You will pass the apple orchards along the way
Strawberry Picking
Parking and Directions