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Keith's Tree Selections
Keith's Tree Farm Tag Your Tree Procedures
To help make your tree selection Fun and Easy start by taking a free hayride!
Now you get to see ALL the available trees
For First Time Visitors
When you visit the Tree Farm for the first time, please come into the cabin for  instructions, and get the price list and answers to any of your questions. Yes, you can tag now and pick up on succeeding weekend days that we are open.
Sign for tree identification in cabin
Remove the ribbon from the top of the tree.
TIE the colored ribbon to the same branch as the numbered silver tape.
COPY the letter, number and price onto your FIELD TICKET.
your field ticket  to the office.
You can reserve your tree and pick it up later
Have it cut and brought out to you.
Price $__________
Deposit of 50% is required to reserve your tree
Pay at the Office
Thank you
Trees that are FOR SALE have a colored ribbon stapled to the top.
No  Ribbon is NOT for SALE.
A lowered ribbon means that tree is SOLD
Smiling people to assist you
Buying your tree
Blue Spruce
White Spruce
Norway Spruce
Frasir Fir
Douglas Fir
Concolor Fir
White Pine
Trees are priced by quality of the tree. Prices start at only $20.
Cut your own
Have it cut for you
You can have a beautiful tree of your choice for as little as $50.00 for a standard height ceiling!
No pre-cut trees
Step Back in Time with a New England Yuletide Tradition